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Singles Take Note

Singles, take note: Chicago was named the best city for dating in the U.S. this week by “The Great Love Debate,” a nationally touring event that unites single men and women in the audience with a panel of relationship experts to discuss dating.

“The Midwest overall is far more optimistic, hopeful and enthusiastic about all things love, dating, relationships,” said Brian Howie, producer of “The Great Love Debate” and author of “How to Find Love in 60 Seconds.

Howie said the Windy City is a standout among the 78 cities the show has toured. “There’s new people coming to Chicago every day. Chicago’s very vibrant.”

“The Great Love Debate” used data from 35,000 audience members who have attended the show since 2014 to calculate Chicago’s top spot, which was based on attractiveness and diversity of population, sense of civic pride, confidence within the dating community and vibrancy of social scene.

Lexington, Ky., Charlotte, N.C., Washington, D.C., and Denver rounded out the top five of “The Great Love Debate’s” list.

Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academy, said that taking advantage of a thriving dating scene — or dating anywhere — must be more than just “jumping in” if a single man or woman wants to see results.

“In order to do anything big in life … the thing that we do very naturally is make a plan,” said Gandhi, who is familiar with the show but is not one of “The Great Love Debate’s” expert panelists.

When it comes to dating, do not just wait for “what’s meant to be.” Have confidence and a plan for dating, like you would for anything else, she said.

“You have to have your mindset in the right place, and you have to have your road map in your hand,” she said. “When all of that prep is done, the magic happens.”

Howie said spring is a perfect time to begin dating in Chicago, when both indoor and outdoor activities create opportunities for dates and meeting people.

“Between right now and the end of June, there’s no excuses,” he said.

“The Great Love Debate” will return to Chicago at the end of the month for 15 shows at the Greenhouse Theater Center.

Haley Hinkle is a freelance writer.

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